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Reservoir | Production Engineering

Reservoir Engineering


  • Obtaining a highly economic recovery process and accurately projecting reserve estimates are key in Traton’s service to you.  We will apply sound engineering practices to evaluate reserves and prepare recommendations for development and or economic analysis.  Basic reservoir services offered include:  SEC and non-SEC reserve auditing, mineral appraisals, enhanced recovery and secondary and tertiary recovery projects, shale developments, stimulation and well test analysis, pressure transient analysis, engineered recommendations for optimum reserve development, and subsurface mapping.


Production Engineering


  • Traton undergoes a daily process that involves the design, control, and continuous improvement of your production process to ensure high-quality extraction in a timely, cost-effective manner.  Traton will design and supervise the hook-up, pipeline installation and production, analyze problems, and determine the most efficient production rate.  Our staff will provide constant supervision, maintain up-to-date production records and well files, conduct reserve studies and subsurface mapping when needed, supervise lease maintenance and well servicing, and keep cost records and prepare periodic lease inventories as required by the operator.  Traton Engineers will monitor lease development and  recommend/justify remedial workovers and re-completions to enhance future development of the lease