Asset Identification + Evaluation

iStock_000010369104SmallAs a drilling and upstream engineering services consulting firm, contract operator, and experienced expert witness and restructuring manager, Traton has significant exposure to potential oil and gas deals (public, private, and stressed) in which we seek to invest or assist others in evaluating and investing. We have a wide network of associates from whom we receive information about potential asset sales, and with whom we collaborate to stay up to date on the latest market happenings.

Our engineers have extensive experience in evaluating deals using several industry standard methods and state of the art programs. We have the technical assets needed to develop new prospects and appraise private or public offerings. After locating the necessary data, we perform a series of tasks including production verification, geological studies, cash flow studies, land and legal document verification, and environmental risk evaluation. Further, we use reservoir engineering to determine the available reserves and upside potential, ultimately applying a Fair Market Value.