Current Operations

Traton Oil & Gas is the newest addition to our presence in the oil and gas industry. Traton O&G recently participated in $30 Million acquisition of production properties throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, with operations in over 40 wells.

We are currently working in-house and alongside business associates towards the further acquisition of properties ranging in size and value and welcome any prospective opportunities or investors

Milvian Bridge Finance is currently seeking opportunities to fund oil and gas investments that hold the potential to yield a high rate-of-return. While contracted capital markets suffocated the development of a significant number of quality projects, access to financing for new projects was all but nonexistent or completely cost prohibitive. The gap between stagnation and progress needed to be bridged. In 2009, Milvian Bridge Finance was formed to provide that platform over which projects could transverse the gap to success. MBF is an Oil and Gas funding company providing support for developmental drilling opportunities. MBF can provide financing for up to half of a project with no closing costs or document costs. All re-payments to MBF are made out of production and MBF retains zero residual interest in the property, once paid out.