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pic13As an experienced operator, Traton can provide high quality Property Management services that maintain and develop leases, wells, and equipment, and deliver your product to market.  Our personnel will design and supervise the hook-up, pipeline installation and production, analyze problems, and determine the most efficient production rate.  We will provide constant supervision, maintain up-to-date production records and well files, and conduct reserve studies and subsurface mapping when needed.  In addition to the above, the following services are performed:


Pumping/Gauging | Lease Activity


  • Complete supervision of lease maintenance and well servicing will be provided.
  • Daily analysis of critical production components including pressures, flow rates, yields, and production
  • Monitoring of lease development will be done.
  • Recommending/justifying remedial workovers and re-completions to enhance future development of the lease.


Oil & Gas Purchaser Coordination
  • Purchase agreements are negotiated.
  • Contracts with purchasers are regularly monitored.


Daily Analysis
  • Comparisons to historical data are performed in order to track production results against expectations.
  • Surface facility equipment is monitored to insure continuous operation.
  • Attention to lease compliance details are watched including location management.