Traton Overview

Traton Engineering

Traton Engineering is a full service engineering and consulting firm with expertise in all phases of petroleum operations throughout the world. Traton’s engineers can provide their clients with engineering services from initial drilling design through long term reservoir management. Drilling, production, and completions supervisors supported by engineering and clerical personnel are capable of lending expertise to any situation encountered. Traton is dedicated to providing clientele with honest and exceptional engineering and consulting services, and this effort results in the optimum technical and economic solution for each project. Traton’s personnel have extensive experience in generating well programs and cost estimates for drilling, completion, and workover operations for single or multi-well projects in any locale, at any depth. The company has successfully engineered and supervised hundreds of projects in various producing regions, both domestically and internationally.

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Engineering Services Overview.

Traton Operating

Since 1987, Traton Operating Company has been in the business of providing customers with efficient and timely account, property, and reporting services. With extensive experience and knowledge in streamlining JIBs and revenue distributions, managing AR/APs, maintaining and developing wells, equipment and products, and strictly monitoring all reporting and tax requirements, we are confident that we can provide you with a customizable, high-quality service. Traton has performed operations in areas all over the United States, including Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

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Operations Services Overview.

Traton Oil & Gas

Founded in 2010, Traton Oil & Gas represents Traton’s investment arm and newest addition to the Traton Companies. With experience as a drilling and upstream engineering serivices firm, contract operator, and successful restructuring and financing advisor, TOG has significant exposure to potential oil and gas deals; public, private, and stressed-assets. TOG is operated by established oil and gas professionals who have the experience and ability to identify undervalued oil and gas assets and substantially increase the value of those assets through a combination of capital improvements and operating efficiencies. TOG believes that a healthy return on equity can be realized by focusing first on undervalued or financially stressed producing assets while also identifying properties that contain opportunities for enhancement through streamlined operations and development.

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