Experience – Patrick Merritt

Patrick Merritt, P.E. – President | Senior Engineer


Patrick is a professional Engineer who’s experience encompasses over 30 years of international work in the oil and gas industry. With a passion for integrity and exceptional quality, he founded Traton Operating Company in 1987, and Traton Engineering Associates soon after in 1993.

Specifically, his experience includes 23 years as a contract operator and President of Traton Operating Company, 16 years as President and Engineering Manager for Traton Engineering Associates, 3 years as a District Engineer for Valero Exploration & Production Company, and 6 years as a Field Supervisor for Getty Oil Company and Bagnall and Barber Consulting. Patrick is also currently serving as President for EnRe, LP, and as CEO of Hawkhill Operating Company. Patrick is skilled in troubleshooting complex well and management problems, possesses a high degree of professionalism, and is dedicated to providing clients with unmatched service through hard work, honesty, and communication.

Patrick holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University, is a state registered Professional Engineer, and is an active member of several industry organizations.

Notable Projects

  • Successful Engineering and Operating firm partner since 1987
  • Court recognized expert Engineering witness. Representation in multiple bankruptcies, providing expert witness testimony, fair market valuations, membership within creditor’s committees, and executive work in reorganizations
  • Completed 3rd party reserve reports an mineral appraisals representing in excess of $1B in cumulative value
  • Engineering design and supervision of 450 Wilcox Lobo wells in Webb and Zapata Counties, representing $600mm in development expenditures and approximately 1 TCF reserves. Manage up to 9 drilling rigs simultaneously. Numerous smaller projects similar in nature
  • Engineering Design and supervision of over 75 tests below 15,000′
  • Experience in environmentally sensitive areas such as Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Laguna Madre, Texas Gulf Bays and on Native American Reservations.
  • International experience drilling, planning, and managing operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Iraq, and Russia.