Expert Witness | Restructuring


Traton’s President, Patrick Merritt, has broad experience in the oil and gas industry, qualifying him as a court recognized oil and gas expert witness.  In the past, Traton has provided expertise and testimony on a wide array of subjects in the oil and gas industry including but not limited to, negligence, property damage, valuations, and bankruptcy.  We also have extensive experience in the fair market valuation of oil and gas assets.

Recently, we have successfuly partnered with Baker+Hughes and Schlumberger in cases that have been successfully completed or are on-going.  

pic4Traton also has the expertise to assist you with any bankruptcy or restructuring issues.  Our team is experienced with repairing damaged vendor relationships, reaching payout terms with vendors and investors, completing regulatory compliance, and analyzing and solving production problems.  We are actively enganged in restructuring and bankruptcy work, and in Traton’s most recent case, we successfuly returned 105% payback to the creditors, which continues to escalate.