Drilling | Completion Engineering



  • Having been exposed to 30+ years of drilling sites all over the world,  Traton’s engineers are capable of producing and supervising drilling designs for any location and situation.  Our Engineers will provide complete well programs, economics planning, vendor evaluation and selection, and regulatory compliance.  Traton will create a detailed well procedure including pore pressure calculations, tubular designs, cement, bit, mud, and logging recommendations.  We will assist in selecting the drilling contractor and related equipment and services and monitor progress of the job to insure efficient, cost effective completion of the work.




  • At the forefront of our efforts to assist you is hydrocarbon recovery.  Traton will optimize your production recovery utilizing state of the art completion and stimulation techniques, evaluating and recommending state of the art completion equipment, perforating and stimulation methods, and facility design for any domestic or international location.  We will prepare design specifications, and obtain and analyze quotations and/or vendor bids before recommending the purchase of materials, equipment and services.  Once approved, Traton Engineering inspects and checks equipment and services against design specifications.