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Maintaining up to date reports and taxes with various oil and gas entities is an intricate task with which Traton excels.  Traton can provide RRC reporting services, monitor daily gauging and pumping efforts, and not only maintain up to date tax profiling, but assist you in any tax recovery processes.  Along with applicable payment deadlines, these issues have individual specific requirements and associated time-lines.

RRC (Railroad Commission) reporting
  • Monthly PR reports are submitted on all completed wells, detailing production and sales.
  • P4 gatherer and purchaser forms are completed and updated as necessary.
  •  All required well testing forms are submitted and proration guidelines are monitored.
  • Compliance conditions and details are adhered to according to RRC rules.


Severance Tax
  • All severance tax calculations are processed and reported to the WI/RI/ORRI owner.  In addition, payments and regulatory forms are completed and sent to the State Comptroller detailing individual well results.


Ad Valorem Taxes
  • Submissions of reservoir evaluations to the appropriate taxing authorities in order to protest valuations placed on wells.  This can lower the amount of taxes that will be billed to Working Interest Owners.


  • Daily analysis of critical production components is performed including pressures, flow rates, liquids production, and gas production.   Reports can be seen or viewed on a monthly basis as requested.