Traton Overview Cont.

Traton Engineering

Founded in 1993, Traton Engineering is an engineering and consulting company with expertise in all phases of petroleum operations throughout the world. Traton’s engineers can provide their clients with expert engineering services from initial drilling design through long term reservoir management. Drilling, production, and completions supervisors supported by engineering and clerical personnel are capable of lending expertise to any situation encountered. Traton has the flexibility to customize its service to support the requirements of any operator, and is dedicated to providing clientele with honest and exceptional engineering and consulting services. This effort results in the optimum technical and economic solution for each project. Traton’s personnel have extensive experience in generating well programs and cost estimates for drilling, completion, and workover operations for single or multi-well projects in any locale, at any depth. The company has successfully engineered and supervised hundreds of projects in various producing regions, both domestically and internationally, with a specific expertise in deep, high pressure applications.

Traton Engineering can provide complete well programs, economics planning, vendor evaluation and selection, and regulatory compliance through meticulous planning and implementation of those plans. Traton will create a detailed well procedure including pore pressure calculations, tubular designs, cement, bit, mud, and logging recommendations, and assist the operator in selecting the drilling contractor and related equipment and services. Traton’s engineering staff will monitor progress of the job to insure efficient, cost effective completion of the work. Traton has the knowledge gained from years of combined field experience to help you make the most cost effective decisions for your operations.

Traton Engineering can design completion procedures to optimize production recovery utilizing state of the art completion and stimulation techniques. Traton is experienced in evaluating and recommending state of the art completion equipment, perforating and stimulation methods, and facility design for any domestic or international location. In addition, the company is experienced in designing workover procedures to address any maintenance problem that could cause an interruption in well productivity.

Traton personnel can coordinate material requirements, including bidding, transferring, inspecting and testing. Design specifications will be prepared, quotations and/or vendor bids will be obtained and analyzed before recommending the purchase of materials, equipment and services. Once approved, Traton Engineering inspects and checks equipment and services against design specifications. At each phase, we keep accurate records of the activity, including deliveries and returns.

If preferred, Traton Engineering can perform in-office consultation at any location. Traton can also provide engineers to work in your office in any capacity from Project Manager to Staff Engineer.

Traton Operating

Since 1987, Traton Operating Company has been in the business of providing customers with efficient and timely account, property, and reporting services. With extensive experience and knowledge in streamlining JIBs and revenue distributions, managing AR/APs, assisting companies in getting back on track with their operations accounting, maintaining and developing wells, equipment and products, and strictly monitoring all reporting and tax requirements, we are confident that we can provide you with a customizable, high-quality service. Traton has performed operations in areas all over the United States, including Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

Traton can provide efficient, full service accounting management for your wells. Our serices include the maintenance of detailed cost records as an ongoing monthly process, timely production payment distributions to your investors, and issuing reports to you on a monthly or bi-monthly timeline.

As an experienced operator, Traton can provide high quality property management services that maintain and develop leases, wells, and equipment, and deliver your product to market. Our personnel will design and supervise the hook-up, pipeline installation and production, analyze problems, and determine the most efficient production rate. We will provide constant supervision, maintain up-to-date production records and well files, and conduct reserve studies and subsurface mapping when needed.

Maintaining up to date reports and taxes with various oil and gas entities is an intricate task with which Traton excels. Traton can provide RRC reporting services, monitor daily gauging and pumping efforts, and not only maintain up to date tax profiling, but assist you in any tax recovery processes. Along with applicable payment deadlines, these issues have individual specific requirements and associated time-lines, and Traton is dedicated to meeting each of them.